Secret Skills for the Guyz: 7 ways to spot a horny woman from afar

Do not fret though, if you are observant and shrewd, you will notice this simple signs that she is horny, even when you are in public.

1. Her eyes
First of all, you have to learn how to spot that one horny woman in the crowd. Look at a group of women in a bar, for example. Is there one girl who seems disinterested with what her girlfriends are talking about. She’ll be looking around listlessly, sometimes even acting bored, and you’ll be there to give her the attention she’s been looking for. The next step then is to isolate her and prime up for the kill.

2. Her body language
Another of the first signs you should look out for is the way she interacts with people, especially the guys. Does she flirt with every guy she sees? Or maybe she just smiles at them just to be nice. Observe how she is and if you see her getting friendly with almost every guy who notices her, that is key.

3. Her skin
Is she showing a LOT of skin? Maybe she came in with an extra slinky skirt and when she saw you staring at her, she hikes up her skirt even more. She may also lean forward to enhance and draw attention to her cleavage. If she comes in already wearing sexy clothes and she emphasizes her assets even more, then you know she really wants someone to notice.

4. Her touch
You can also find out if she is horny if you approach her and she’s very touchy. She may shake your hands and make her fingers linger even more. She may lean into you for a peck in the cheek, but then her hand stays on your arms or your chest for a few seconds longer. When you engage in a conversation with her, she may also touch your hands or arms, squeeze your biceps, play around with your hair, or touch your chest.

5. Her gaze
Irrespective of whether you’re staring at her from the bar counter or already in the middle of a conversation with her, a horny woman would have this “sticky” lingering gaze. It may even look like she’s undressing you with her eyes, or imagining just how well you’d look naked on her bed.

6. Her words
There’s no such thing as small talk with a horny woman. Anything you say to her, as casual as you may start off, would be met with a lot of personal, even revealing or sexual information. A horny woman may also talk suggestively to you. Some kinky topics she might delve into would be her past sexual encounters, her bedroom talents, sex-infused jokes, and even double entendres.

7. The peacock
A cock-hungry woman, in a short while will be exhibiting peacocking behaviors so as to stand out. That woman you’re eyeing? She’ll yell, scream, jump about, jut out her ass, and do just about anything to catch everyone’s attention. From showing more skin to being aggressive, they’d do whatever it takes to get you to notice.

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