Photo: I Don’t Smoke “Igbo”, I Swallow It – Man Who Stab Twin Brother To Death Confesses

26yrs old Mfom, who allegedly killed his twin brother while he was sleeping on Olorunkemi Street in Somolu area of Lagos, says he was not in his right senses when he committed the heinous act.

He claimed that he was “blindfolded” while stabbing his twin, Israel, adding that he still could not explain what really came over him that moment.

He confessed that he started smoking cannabis when he was just 15 years old, adding that he graduated from smoking cannabis to swallowing it.

It was reported on Tuesday how Mfom and his twin brother, Israel, came from Akwa Ibom State to Lagos and had been assisting their brother in his canteen in the Abiodun area of Somolu.

According to Punch, he was alleged to have been threatening to kill his brother after every disagreement.

But he carried out the threat around 6am on Monday while the victim slept and the third occupant of the room, Christopher, was in the kitchen.

He was arrested and the case transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

Speaking with the press, he said, “I came to Lagos three years ago and since then, I have been working with my brother in his canteen. I work from Monday to Sunday; I don’t even go to church.

“On Sunday night, I bought a small generator which I took home. The three of us enjoyed ourselves that night. We ate and drank to celebrate the generator.

“Around 7am the next day, I woke up. My brother was still sleeping. I wanted to open the net, but I discovered somebody covered my face. I decided to go out, but I couldn’t see the road.

“I found the knife somewhere and took it. I then stabbed my brother to death. I don’t know what came over me, but I intend to find out.”

He denied that there was any quarrel between him and the deceased prior to the incident, saying he loved his brother.

“We never had any disagreement. It was people who had seen that we had a great future together that were giving us alcohol. I believe my family may know about what happened,” he said.

Asked if he smoked any substance the night to the incident, he said he only took his meal.

He, however, admitted to taking cannabis sometimes.

He said, “I did not continue my education after primary school because my father died. But I started smoking cannabis from age 15. Now that I am mature, it is direct. I don’t smoke again, I swallow it.”

Mr Samuel, who brought the twin brothers to Lagos, said he believed Mfom might have been affected by the substance he took.

Report have it that Mfom had become violent since his arrest and detention.
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