Guys: 4 Sex lies Women Tell

There are a lot of reasons why women tend to be dishonest about issues relating to sex. Research has shown that women in general have some specific kinds of lies they tell.
Some of them are listed below.

1. "I came when you did' : Women naturally feel the need to say this, but studies have shown that simultaneous orgasm is extremely rare, especially considering the fact that orgasms usually last less than a minute.

2. 'I don't talk about our sex problems to others': Research has also proved this to be untrue. Dailymal reports that 63 per cent of people said they’d confided in a third party about a problem in a long-term relationship while 73 per cent said someone else confided in them.

3. 'I never faked an org@sm' : One of the most common lies women tell. Men orgasm 90 per cent of the time during intercourse while women orgasm just 25 per cent of time, according to most research. So why do they fake it? According to a recent study of women aged between 18 and 31, there are four main reasons: not wanting to hurt our partner’s feelings, fear of admitting to being less than sexually ‘perfect’, to tip ourselves over the edge and to end sex.

4. 'I only ever think about having sex with you' ; Almost every woman has sexual fantasies, and most women often fantasize about sex with someone other than their current partner. This is not to say they do not fantasize about their partner too, but there is something hotter when you are having sex with someone else in your head.

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