Ladies Only: How to Dress up Small Breasts

Women with small breasts often have pear-shaped bodies, a body style that looks heavier through the hips and butt. Women with this shape should strive to pull attention away from the hips and center it on the top, a feat that could be difficult with small breasts. Following are a few ways to dress up your top and make your breasts appear larger.

Show off Your Assets
Breasts aren't the only things that can look sexy in a top. What about your shoulders? Wearing off-the-shoulder tops and tanks shows off your shoulders and draws eyes upward.

Print and Fabric
Ruffled sleeves, vibrant print, a playful scarf … all of these choices make your top more interesting. Choose neutral, slimming bottoms to make your hips appear thinner, but dare to go bold on top.

Belts are a great way to create the illusion of breasts. However, you have to wear them a bit higher to do the trick. Situate belts an inch or two under your breasts and wear them with full, flowing tops.

Gathered Blouses
Blouses that are gathered at the waist also give the illusion of fuller breasts.

Necklines and Necklaces
Experiment with interestingly-shaped necklines and eye-catching necklaces. Avoid high necklines. Instead, opt for a plunging neckline and wear a long necklace to bring attention to your chest. Geometric necklaces and knotted scarves worn at the neckline are great options too.

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