8 Creative Ways to eat Your Woman's Honeypot Like a Pro [18+ only]

If you want to give your woman the best sexual experience, you must be willing to include oral sex in the mix.
This is because most sex positions do not really stimulate the clitoris and therefore fail to give the women maximum stimulation needed for her to achieve an orgasm.

Bu implication, most sexual encounters fall short of the mark for many women.
As a man, if you want to make your woman happy in bed, then you should try a few of these effective oral sex positions.
Here we go…

One Leg Up - let her lie on her back with one leg raised. Press the raised leg down to spread her vagina and eat away...

Sit On My Face - lie down on your back and let her sit on your face, literally...then eat up to your fill

Upside Down 69 - here, you carry her upside down with her vagina positioned before your face. This position is a quickie because blood will soon rush to her head and your arms will get tired

Two Legs Up On A Seat - let her sit on a low chair with both her legs raised and spread... you'll have a free hand to chew away while you’re standing.

Eat Me Doggy - let her assume the typical position for doggy style sex, but instead of penetrating, you begin to eat her up

Kneel Before The Feast - Like in 'Two Legs Up On A Seat', position her on a high seat with both her legs raised. Now, instead of standing, kneel and worship her vagina

Cheese Roll - make a cheese roll of her vagina by asking her to lie on her back, then fold her legs back until her knees almost touch her elbows...then eat the cheese

Dresser Boy - here she sits at the edge of the dresser or any high table with her legs over your shoulders, then eat up...

By the time you work your way from one to eight, your woman will be carving your name on her heart forever because she would have climbed the seven mountains of orgasms.

You owe it to her…

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