15 Tips on How to Give your man Blow Jobs

Ladies!!!... Men absolutely love and crave oral sex. These blow job tips must be part of your sex tool box!!!. Guys Learn how to give your girl Oral Sex Orgasm

1. Communication

Communication with your partner is crucial for a successful blow job. You both need to be clear in advance about your oral sex preferences as a couple.

Where does the semen goes? Hands on the head or not? Swallowing? Deep throat? What does he like, and what he doesn’t? How far are you willing to go?...

These are all things that should be discussed and agreed before performing fellatio.

2. Enthusiasm! - Your attitude is key here

Your attitude is one of the most important ingredients in every blow job. A boring or disgusted face while giving your man head will not only kill the mood, but also will make very difficult for your man to get excited and have an orgasm.

Just imagine... How bad would you feel if he were bored or disgusted while going down on you?

Show your man that you enjoy what you're doing. Show him that you love to give him that kind of pleasure! Make eye contact, do some “yummy” noises...

Your enthusiasm is key here! It’s part of his visual excitement and his sexual pleasure...

This is one of the blow job tips that really makes the difference!

...Oh! and, please! Never make a blow job a chore! Nothing is worse for a man than his woman making him feel like giving him head is a chore.

3. Try different oral sex positions

Try different oral sex positions to spice up a blow job. He can be stand up or sitting on the sofa while you kneel on a pillow; he can be laying down on the bed or you can be the one laying down.

Be creative and try as many different positions as you want, just keep in mind that you need to be comfortable, specially your neck, to be able stay in that position until he orgasm.

The best position would be one where both of you are comfortable enough, and where he can see what you’re doing... Visual excitement is part of his pleasure.

4. Warm him up first - Start licking around slooowly

Don’t go just right down there and start sucking! Yes, men love sucking, and they like it fast, but before you get to that you need to warm him up... Yeah! Warm him up!

Make your way down south by kissing, licking and nibbling and when you get there, tease him some more, start by licking around slowly.

Spend some time in his inner thighs and then move to the scrotum and perineum (his balls and the skin between his penis and his anus).

Slowly get to his penis and lick up and down; then focus on the head, kiss, lick and flick it. All of these will definitely turn him on. Take your time and go slowly. Let him feel and enjoy seeing you giving him all that pleasure. Soon he will be begging you to put his penis or your warm, wet mouth.

5. Grasp the base of his penis tightly

Once he already has an erection, grasp the base of his penis tightly with your hand to keep the blood inside the penis, engorging the head and making it more sensitive to your maneuvers.

Your hand will act as a cock ring, keeping the blood in the shaft to help him staying rock hard and making him feel everything you do as it is magnified.

6. Suck the head of his penis

Sucking the head of his penis is an amazing combo because sucking is the men’s preferred move of a blow job, and you’re sucking the most sensitive part of his entire penis: The head.

There are about 4.000 ending nerves in the head of a penis. So, just imagine the kind of pleasure you’re giving him when your wet, warm mouth is sucking his head.

Combine the sucking move with some flicks of your tongue in the head, and you'll drive him crazy!

This is one of the blow job tips that he'll love the most

7. Flick your tongue over his urethra

While you’re licking the head of his penis try flicking your tongue over the tip of the penis on the urethra, you can even lightly poke your tongue down into the urethra.

There are lots of sensitive nerve endings around this opening, so flicking and sucking this area feels electrifying for him.

8. Complement a blow job with a hand job

The best complement for a blow job will be always a hand job, those two, kind of go together.

A hand job not only increases his pleasure but also gives your mouth and neck a little break here and there.

Use your hands as an extension of your mouth and grasp the base of his penis while you suck on the head of it.

Move your hand up and down as you move your mouth up and down. Make sure you use lots of saliva or a flavored lube.

While one hand is working on his penis, the other one could be gently holding and massaging his scrotum.

You can have your both hands working along with your mouth or you can give your mouth a break and let the hands do the job for a little while.

9. Don’t forget to play with his balls ;)

Yup! don’t forget to play with his balls! Or any of the areas around his penis like his perineum.

All of these areas are also very sensitive, and women tend to forget them when giving head.

Remember, you have two hands... Use both of them!

While your mouth is focused on the head and one hand is stroking the shaft... the other one should be pleasuring his balls, and touching his perineum. Make it a combo of sensations!

10. Don’t use your teeth

Avoid using your teeth during a blow job because they can really hurt your man. Teeth are a huge turn off for most men.

The trick to keep your teeth out of the way is to wrap your lips over them while giving him head, so you avoid accidentally scrape or bite him during the blowjob.

This is one of the most important blow job tips because hurting him with your teeth will ruin the blow job completely!

11. Learn how to deep throat

Men absolutely love deep throating during a blow job.

Although this is not an easy thing to do for a woman, it is a skill worth to be learned. Deep throat requires you to put his penis all the way down to your throat.

Men love the feeling of having his entire penis deep into your mouth while your throat is tightly enclosing it.

What the woman needs to learn here, is how to handle the gag reflex. This is a powerful reflex that when it’s stimulated provoke the sensation to gag or vomit.

You need to breath through your nose and relax your throat muscles while slowly introduce his penis deep into your throat.

Take your time... this takes some practice, but it can be done, and it feels fantastic for him. You can practice with a dildo or even a banana.

12. Use a cock ring

A cock ring is a great sex toy to be used during fellatio because it enhances the pleasurable sensations you’re giving to your man.

After he’s hard, slip the cock ring over the head of his penis and slide it all the way down to the bottom of the shaft. This will keep the blood in the head of his penis, helping him staying rock hard and enhancing the feeling of every single thing you’re doing.

If you don’t have a cock ring, simply wrap your thumb and your forefinger around the base of his penis until the tips of your fingers are touching, forming a tight ring around his shaft. This will have the same effect as a cock ring.

13. Try to let him cum in your mouth

Use this blow job tip if you want to make him sooo happy! :)

It feels absolutely fantastic for a man to be able to cum in his woman’s mouth.

You don't have to swallow if you don’t want to, you can always discreetly spit the semen on a towel and give your man the pleasure of visually seeing you get all his load in your mouth.

14. Give a try to swallowing

Now, use this blow job tip if you want to really blow his mind!!!

Swallowing is like the ice on the cake, the grand finale! The ultimate complement for his orgasm!

Men love seeing their woman swallowing their semen. Feels almost like she’s drinking him, receiving all he gets for her.

This is when oral sex goes oral loving!

But not every woman enjoys doing that. If you happen to be willing to try, you will be giving your man the ultimate oral sex gift!

He will be very happy :)

15. Surprising blow jobs!

Spice up your sex life giving him surprising blow jobs! Where?... You name it! In the car during a long drive, in a mountain during a hike, at night on the beach, on a private pool, in a bathroom during a party.... at his office... under the table of a restaurant... Get creative! You will blow him away!

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